Surf Club Pool and Spa

Board's Message


Dear Owners,

The Pool & Spa Board of Directors wishes for each of you a pleasant and relaxing experience in the use of our wonderful facility. While the Board Members are volunteers, we do work very hard and thoughtfully to protect and enhance the investment we all have in our Pool and Spa.

We are grateful to other Owners for their input, assistance and advice. We encourage each of you to attend meetings and become involved in our Association.

We are also appreciative to the Pool and Spa Staff, Leland Management Accounting Services, Sharon Castellano, Manager, LCAM and Miguel Vasquez,  Maintenance Supervisor for their outstanding contribution and consistent responsiveness to the smooth operation of The Pool and Spa.

The Board Members serving our community June 2015 to June 2016 are Dolores Andrews, Dot Barber, Darylne Beaudoin, John Davis, Adelva Johnston, Dennis Williamson, Lynn Nellenbach.

Board of Administrators
Surf Club II & III Pool & Spa Association