Surf Club Pool and Spa

Rules & Regulations


Pool and Spa is for Surf Club II and III Residents and their guests only

*Swimming Pool or Spa Hours: 8 a.m. until 11 p.m.

In case of emergency call 911

For all other issues please call: 386-447-9066 (phone is located in pavilion)

NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY—Swim at your own risk

Safety Equipment Available In the Pool Area


*Stay Clear, and Keep Children Clear, Of Pool and Spa Drains

  1. *Shower before entering Pool or Spa
  2. *NO glass allowed within the Pool enclosure
  3. *NO animals allowed within the Pool enclosure
  4. *Do Not Swallow the water in Pool, Spa, or Jumping Water – it is re-circulated
  5. *Do not use the Pool, Spa, or Jumping Water feature if you are ill with diarrhea
  6. *Use of Spa is not to exceed fifteen (15) minute intervals 
  7. *Maximum temperature in the Spa is 104 degrees  
  8. *Pregnant women, people with health issues, or people who are using substances such as alcohol, narcotics or drugs that can cause drowsiness should not use the Spa without consulting a doctor
  9. The use of "swim pants and plastic cover pants" is required for infants, toddlers in diapers not potty trained, or incontinent persons
  10. Persons with open cuts, bandages, or band aids are not allowed in Pool or Spa.
  11. Entry gate must be kept closed and locked.  Do NOT open gate to unauthorized persons
  12. Proper swim attire must be worn in Pool or Spa 
  13. Children under twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult. Adult shall remain in constant visual contact with child to render immediate aid 
  14. Music is not allowed unless used with earphones or headphones
  15. Please leave your chair or table free of trash or suntan lotion
  16. NO items of any kind are permitted within 4 feet of the perimeter of the Pool or Spa
  17. NO use of any tobacco products or E-cigarettes within Pool enclosure
  18. NO throwing of any items is allowed within the Pool enclosure
  19. NO toys allowed in Pool except sensible water toys that cannot cause harm
  20. NO floats or Pool toys are allowed in the Pool during high occupancy times
  21. NO improper, destructive, endangering, or intoxicating behavior, or profanity, is allowed
  22. NO personal propane or cooking equipment is allowed in the Pool enclosure
  23. NO running or back flips allowed in Pool or Spa
  24. NO children UNDER THE AGE OF TEN (10) are permitted in Spa
  25. NO swimming or playing in Spa

*Pool Capacity:  60 Persons   *SPA Capacity: 8 Persons

Please Consult Management Office Regarding Pool Parties or Special Events

*State Required Rules and Information